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Hi, Welcome to Ephemeral Feelings! :)

Ephemeral Feelings is my personal blog that I created in 2008. The idea for creating this blog was to have an online diary for myself. Somewhere I also wanted to hone my talent as a writer with this blog.

I named my blog - Ephemeral Feelings because it talks about a diverse set of topics.If you look at this blog, you will find posts on a variety of subjects, be it life, love, work, book reviews, a movie review or a current event. I cannot classify my blog under a tech blog, girly blog or a review blog. Today, I might be thinking about a song so I might write a light-hearted post on it whereas tomorrow I might read about a crime and pour my heart out on the state of our society. What I think and feel in the moment is what you see on this blog, hence the name - Ephemeral. Feelings came into the picture because if you go through my posts they are more or less on the sentimental/emotional end. 

You can get updates from the blog by liking the blog's FB page. You can contact me here.

Hope to hear from you and gather your views on various subjects and happenings :)


  1. Deep thoughts :) Guess, it would work wonders if you channelize them :) Just a thought ;)

  2. Hahaha I need to join politics or start an NGO. Bah! I am too lazy!! ;)


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