Make Your Own Paper Lantern this Diwali!

Diwali is here, and one of the simplest things that people use for decoration on diwali is a paper lantern or Aakashkandil. While you can buy one, making it yourself is also  very simple and a lot of fun. Here’s how you can make one yourself:-

Take a rectangular sheet of paper – handmade paper, coloured paper or a coloured chart paper of your choice

Fold it in half and make sure you make a sharp crease. Take scissors and cut along the folded crease, make sure you leave a distance of atleast an inch from the edges. Make as many cuts as you want but keep them at equal distance.

Unfold the paper. If you want to add more decoration to it, you can do so now. You can add stickers, or draw small patterns on it with sketch pen. You can also stick ribbons to the edges or small strips of same paper. I have added little glitter to mine.

 Add a small string or ribbon to top edge of the  cut paper for hanging the lantern incase you want to hang it.

Once all your added decorations, and string has dried, roll the paper and glue the edges together and Voila, your lantern is ready!

You can put it as it is or put a bulb or candle inside it and see it spread a soft glow of colour around :)


  1. Very nice post, We have crafted a lantern with help of your post. we refer it as "कंदील" since our childhood days.

    Happy Diwali.

    Check my new post(हिंदी कविता) regarding Diwali at :

  2. hey thanks for sharing this, I read it in time :-)
    happy diwali to you too..

  3. @Santosh, Thanks so much, do share pic of your kandil if possible :) I read the poem, truely inspirational, couldn't have spread a better message on Diwali, kudos to you!

    @AT Thanks so much, glad you liked the post. Wish You & Your Family a Very Happy Diwali :)


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