Michael Jackson

I just read the news this morning, still a bit shocked. Michael Jackson or Mikhael as he came to be called after his comparatively recent conversion to Islam died due to unknown reasons yesterday.

Michael Jackson, well I wasn't really such a big fan and his recent scandals really made me think very negatively about him. However Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson, he was always in the news. Thriller his greatest album was released before I was born yet I like the title song very much. Dangerous was an album I absolutely loved, who can forget Michael singing black or white and dancing like that. I think atleast in India, the word break dance is synonymous with Michael Jackson. The star faded but dancing never did, even today on Indian television you will catch kids or mimicary artists aping Michael Jackson's dance moves.

I always was a part of school choir, and the song that I sung most, a most beautiful song, was We are the World. It is a song sung by Michael Jackson. I think that's what Michael stood for me for a long time. A singer who took the effort to do something even for meaningful causes.

When I grew up however, the paradoxes hit hard. He sang "it doesn't really matter whether you are black or white" and yet got that white skin. Sometimes it was said, that was due to the skin disease that he had but still it was strange. He didn't need to change. He had multiple surgeries on his nose. Such a strong need for change, the star was obviously disturbed, maybe he didn't love himself. A child music sensation, that grew up to be such a legend, why did he need to change? The star was always involved in controversies, from letting his own son dangle from the balcony to the much more serious Neverland scandal. The singer just lost his charm. Its said he was all set to make a comeback soon, but what has come is his untimely death.

I don't have much respect for him anymore, as a celebrity he had many responsibilities and his scandals just let down everyone, most of all his diehard fans. His contribution to music and dance will however live on.


  1. MJ R.I.P

    feel sorry for that man.
    After doing soo many surgeries...
    waste of money you can say. He is going to lie in a golden case.
    Besides we all know it... the young little boy from the jackson 5was soo cute :)

  2. Ya really those surgeries .. I think he just went overboard with them.


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