The Highway Of Butterflies

I recently took a road trip that with family across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra was the starting point and Madhya Pradesh, the destination. Now one may ask why would you go through Gujarat and Rajasthan for that..unfortunately or fortunately, the roads in MP are really bad, and the end destination is closer to Rajasthan, hence we took a longer route, which inspite of being long does take the same time as the short route does thanks to bad roads on the short route.

The highway of butterflies is a phenomenon I witnessed on the highway between Maharashtra and Gujarat. We came across this stretch that was well not inhibited by humans as such, and just the highway, with flowers on the dividers and trees and deserted land on both sides of the road. It was a hot day and road was beautiful, kind of sloppy and shining in the sun’s heat. Gleaming shiny grey, silver liquid sheen with slopes that go up and down, makes you wait in anticipation as to what wonder may cross your sight next.

I love a road like that, it just goes on and shines like a mirage, its beautiful.
It was the butterfly mating season, and throughout the stretch, we just saw butterflies crossing the road from the divider to the edge of the road. Yellow butterflies all over the place.

A hot day, a beautiful long road and butterflies.

Perfect, a day like that should never end.