I stood at a crossroads with two roads in the front - M and E
I chose M and moved ahead
The road was tough and kept on hurting me
Suffering got to my head
Time passed and I reached the crossroads again
I chose M again to see where it led
I hoped for happiness this time but it gave me more pain
Still I went on to persevere till I am dead.

But God had other plans and brought me to the crossroads one more time
Like a fool I still went ahead and chose M
A little over a year went by, with great trials and tribulations
There were spurts of joy but more scars were mine
Now I stand at the crossroads again and choose E
My past choices I regret and condemn
The journey has taught me a valuable lesson
Nothing is ever more important than me!

Sometimes we make wrong choices that give us pain
I am not being obstinate
But its not right to follow the choice in vain
When something isn't right, God shows you the way
He gives you a chance again to recreate
Your new path and your new bay
Till you wholeheartedly accept your mistakes you are given chances
Brought again and again to the crossroads
Its upto you to wake up from your trances
And stop the pain and wrong path before it corrodes
Corrodes and eats you up like a parasite
Accept and change, don't take it light
Its not a joke but your entire life!