Need for Environment Friendly Celebrations

Ganpati festival comes to an end today. A sad event that occured during Ganpati this year was People being bit by eels,stingrays and jellyfish at Chowpatty. To be honest, I was quite amused by the incident. Serves us right! Year after year, we go on polluting the environment, paying no heed at all to the clear warning signs - melting glaciers, untimely floods, earthquakes, rising respiratory diseases and so forth.

What I have found to be most appalling is the direct immersion of idols in the sea that happens in Mumbai. Other cities like Pune have demarcated ponds and lakes. Even use of POP idols is discouraged. However, Mumbai likes to use Giant Ganpatis made of POP and immersing them directly in the sea. There is no one who can clean the rubbish, and not to forget the impact it has on sea life.I am surprised that the local authorities let this happen!

And wht's with the fixation with bursting crackers and throwing gulal on ganpati - are we celebrating Diwali, Holi or Ganpati?  Unfortunately, the use of crackers and colours has been a norm for any thing like even winning a cricket match. Why can't people do good when they are happy. We have enough poor and homeless people in this country. If you feel extremely happy that India won a cricket match, why don't you go and gift some poor kid a bat instead of bursting crackers. Same way for Ganpati, the Gods are not deaf but the rest of us will surely go deaf if this continues. Rather than spend money on decorating Ganesh idols, crackers and gulal - why not donate food to a poor family for 10 days or donate to a NGO?

This attack by eels, stingrays and jelly fish is perhaps a new warning from nature for us to mend our ways. Hope people learn something from this and invest in environment friendly practices of celebrating Ganpati and even other festivals or events.

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