Quotes for the Day!

Today I just picked some interesting quotes I saw on pinterest, hope you like them as well :)

It is isn't it? Funny how sometimes you might be having a really horrible day and you come across this happy person and suddenly the sunshine spears your heart and you become totally happy for no reason at all!

Mine is 17, what's yours? :D

Damn, if we could stop expecting. Its the hardest thing to give up! Don't you agree?

There are many mosquitoes flying around the faces of people here, haha ;)

Yes, its one of those days. Kiss kiss to myself :D

I hope more and more realize and practice this.

Yey! I finally found out the super-power I possess ;)

Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tu du du tu du du tada

I need to do this, you need to do this. Lets do this :)