Sometimes you have to accept what destiny has given you. We often ignore the signs. A lot of times, hurdles come our way so that we know that the path we are taking is wrong. We think hurdles are coming to test us but many times hurdles are a sign. A sign to warn us, to let us not take the wrong path. We in our folly or blind optimism still go on that road and end up receiving a real big setback.

Again destiny brings us to the point where what was originally planned for us is repeated. This time we have to accept it, because not only destiny, but logic and every single act has shown us that we were on the wrong path. To lead a happy life, we have to now take a new path. A break from the old path is definitely challenging, painful and heart breaking. But once we set out on the new path, life will be better and get good with time.


  1. Fight back.. and rewrite the destiny with your cult and hard work.

  2. Was reading up on destiny and ended up finding your post too.I am not a believer in destiny,just one amongst the many who charts a course by believing that one is the captain of his own ship.


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