Revealing the Surpise - Free Holiday Card Giveaway!

Hi! Well, the wait is finally over, I am revealing the surprise I had planned for you :)
I am organizing a giveaway on my blog for the first time.

I have made these 4 cards, and will be giving 1 card each to 4 winners. If you want, I would address the card to you, or you can gift them to your loved ones this holiday season.

All you need to do is leave a comment. Bonus points if you also like the facebook page for this blog.

I am extending this contest, you can take part in this till 16th of Dec 2011.

So hurry up! :)



Hi, thanks to all the readers who participated in the giveaway. Since, there were only 4 cards for grabs, I can't declare all of you a winner but really happy to see your interest in the blog, and hope that would continue to receive your valuable comments.

The winners were chosen using a random number generator. The winners are Bikram, AT, Santosh and Rahul. Congratulations! :)

Please mail me your postal address at, so that I can post you the cards. Wish you and all the readers a very Happy Holidays! :) 


  1. I m already a follower and i d like ur FB page. What do i get?

  2. @imranali - Yup I know, by commenting on this post you qualify for the giveaway. All the Best :)

    @eclairre - All the Best to you, and welcome to the blog :)

  3. Sorry lit bit late...but it's only 2 winners yet & still 2 are remaining. I would love to be the 3rd one!!

  4. @AT - I have extended the contest, you can take part in this till the 16th of Dec 2011.

  5. yay..thank you for extending the giveaway...
    I want to enter...I have also liked the FB page :-)

  6. I liked first one and the last one most. Wish me good luck to win..!!

    Very good art work.

  7. @AT - Great! All the Best :)

    @Santosh Thank you and Best of Luck! :)

  8. Ok Me too in :) put a few on my name he he ehe :)
    all the best

  9. I know i am a bit too late, but is there a scope of winning still? just for the sake of winning?!! :D

  10. yay..I won...will mail you the details....


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