Bumper Quotes to keep You Happy on a Bumpy Road

Have you seen the quotes that appear on trucks on Indian highways? Some of them are really funny, some are quite sweet and carry a social message on not to drink and drive, or to drive carefully etc. Here, are some I find quite nice:-

Dhenda hai rab sabko, log jalte hai phir bhi pata nahi kyuBuri nazar wale tera bhi bhala ho

Ram janam mein dhoodh mila, Krishna janam mein gheeKalyug mein sharaab mili, beta soch samajh kar pee

Bheyu nakush mee tujhya pathishi aahe

Sau mein nabbe beimaan fir bhi Mera Bharat Mahaan

Chalti hai gaadi, udti hai dhool, jaltey hain dushman, khiltey hain phool

The ones below are the most common and I guess everyone's favourite or rather almost synonymous with trucks in India:- 

Horn Ok Please

Buri nazar wale tera muh kala

Use Dipper at Night – however, some spelling mistakes can make this really funny:–

Use Dippie at Night
Use Diaper at Night
Use Deeper at Night


  1. ROFL!!! good ones~! :D even i read these stuffs - and equally interesting are the stuffs written n an auto

  2. Ya, very true! :)
    This one is quite common on autos, its kinda rude but somehow always has me in splits - Tu 13 dekh


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