Massage Etiquette

The company I work in is running a marketing campaign, in relation to that they had organized a special event for employees yesterday. A popular spa and some electronic massage equipment company were called in. They had both set up a stall in our office pantry. We could try the massage equipment for free and then buy it at discounted rates. The spa offered a free foot massage, and a special offer on their annual membership. I tried everything and it was a good feel. I have tried massage before and its quite a relaxing experience.

My friend bought the membership to the spa. We later had a discussion on full body massage. What is the real etiquette for it – do they really massage the entire body and concerns associated with it. So after a bit of research on it, here’s what you should know about massage etiquette:-

First and foremost, whether you go to a spa or call a masseur to your house, book your appointment only when you are totally free so that you can totally be involved in the experience and gain from it.

A massage therapist would massage you everywhere apart from your genitalia and chest for a full body massage. Also if any point you are not comfortable with your masseur, massaging a particular area, then you need to communicate this to him/her.

If you feel the pressure is too intense or too low, then you should inform your massage therapist.

Incase you have a preference for a particular type of oil or a special condition. Lets say, you are too stressed and find it difficult to sleep. Then you should inform your masseur before hand so they can suggest the most appropriate massage therapy for you, and change/select massage oil accordingly.

During a massage, make sure you switch off your cellphone and are free from all distractions.

A lot of times, its too embarrassing or actually weird when you go for a massage. Be it of any kind - foot, head or body. You feel strange that there is a stranger who is massaging you. But, try to think of it as if the masseur is your doctor. And try and be comfortable about it. Sometimes you might feel too stiff or maybe your pains etc might actually increase the first time. This maybe because its your first time or maybe because there is something wrong with your masseur. So you need to experiment a bit before you find out what actually works for you. Mostly a massage well done would make you feel relaxed, and you will feel like sleeping during and after it.


  1. oh I have never gotten a massage...but I do wish it to experience it one day....I'll keep in my mind these suggestions. Thanks

  2. Hi, most welcome. You should definitely try it, its really a wonderful experience! :)


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