A woman's plight

Rose by Mark Ryden

Its just another incident. A crime against a woman that will create sensation and fade away. What will remain is the victim’s plight and helplessness. A life of shame and tears. The incident is something I read about today, a dalit woman was paraded naked in UP, by an affluent dalit family. If I get into the politics of it, it shows that dalits themselves feel nothing for each other and a dalit CM did not do anything to improve the plight of dalits. If I go into the real facts of it, its not a question of being a dalit woman, it’s a question of being a woman. If you are a woman, you are everybody’s property, anyone and everyone can treat you the way they want. You have no status, no self respect, nothing, you are just a piece of shit!

Rape, naked parades, sexual harassment, mms videos, defaming identity on social networking sites – women in India have no escape from any of these. All they can do is pray that they are never subjected to this crap cos if they are nothing can help them. 7 or a few years of imprisonment for the culprit cannot restore the loss they experience. The loss of trust, dignity, spirit, self respect and the so called izzat and character. No one thinks once also of questioning the izzat or character of the culprit. Only the woman is blamed.

Its sick!

I am sick of reading about these incidents!

When will this end?


  1. Dalit CM is only worried about her vote bank..she actually doesn't want that Dalit's condition improves..why? If it improved, who would choose her or others like her... When everyone is prosperous and gets the justice, have standard of living, then who would choose these greedy people...the vote bank policy will not work in that case.... Today she has hung a carrot in front of people and she keeps it moving away from them...

    You know I'm from U.P., have been there every year and I haven't seen a single change in the name of development in many areas... Women still same, men still same...No roads, no industrialization, no improvement in farmer's state... When I say something, my relatives think I'm mad or an alien...

    I'm too sick of such things.. It is like cancer of our society...

  2. Hi, I know. My Mom is from UP too, most of my relatives have now moved out from there due to lack of these things and due to death of hope that anything will change. The ones who remain acknowledge that nothing can be done - law and order, industries, civic amenities, roads, everything is just in a pathetic state.


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