New TRAI Regulations & Freedom from the Terror of Telemarketing

Do Not Call (Image taken from the Internet)

I really appreciate the new move by TRAI that comes into effect today for barring unwanted calls and messages. The move is to make existing rules more stringent.

More than calls, the messages are a real menace; they come at any time of the day and are normally a repetition of previous message. While ICICI Lombard is always trying to sell me insurance, Naaptol is always trying to entice me with supposedly free gifts and Just Dial is always telling me how easy it is locate anything I want on Just Dial. At times I feel like pulling my hair out. At times I just feel like telling these companies the following things:-

ICICI Lombard – Thank you, I am aware you have very nice Motor and Health Insurance plans but I don’t need one. If I do, I will surely Click Clik on your website

Naaptol – Nice offers, but not interested in the Diamond Studded Frank Bellucci Watch worth 3950 that you are ready to gift me for only 999. P.S. Gift is generally an item that is not bought!

Just Dial – I know, I know you have a great site. I have used it, I use it, can you stop being so pesky?

Red FM – You are really my favourite Radio Station, you are the one I listen to, I am listening, I don’t want to read also please.

City Pest – Thank you, yes being in a tropical country, we have pests but so far we are able to manage. Is there a way to get rid of your messages which are no less than pests?

The thing that I find most upsetting is, all forms that one fills – bank forms, online website forms ask our permission on whether we agree to receive promotional SMS or not. I have till date never agreed, then why is it that I am getting these stupid messages in the first place? I am going to register for National Do Not Call Registery, hope TRAI really sticks to this plan, and helps us get freedom from pesky messages and calls.


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