A Painting of Hibiscus


Yesterday I tried my hand at painting after a really long time. It turned out fine but was hoping for something better than this. Think I need to practice more.

P.S. - What do you think about my new blog template, have tried Dynamic Views by Blogger. Do let me know if you find it nice or to distracting.


  1. wow..you are talented :)
    I am green with jealousy...

    and new template is nice.. :)

  2. Thanks :)
    I changed the template again, the Dynamic Views template gets a bit cluttered, so bit unsure of it at this stage. This blue one is a simple template.

  3. Who said you have lost the touch.
    This is really good. Could have been great with me though :)

    & that dynamic template was nice. Try it for some more time.

  4. @!mdi Thanks, and special thanks for commenting :D

    Will definitely implement the template right away :)


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