Have You Ever Smelled Winter in Mornings?

Have you ever smelled winter in mornings?

It smells of pine cones, and steaming cups of tea.
It smells of crunching leaves under my feet
It smells of everything that’s between you and me
It smells of longing to wake up with you under the same sheet

It smells of gloom and despair
It smells of love, hope and dreams
It smells of your freshly cut hair
It smells of the pain that our heart screams

It smells of icy chilly winds and pangs of the hearts
It smells of darkness and sharp twangs on the face
It smells of riding down with you in scary carts
It smells of not losing way with you in the maze

It smells of sleeping in cozy rugs
It smells of warmth of your hands in mine
It smells of coffee mugs
It smells of laughter and our whine

It smells of never ending kisses
It smells of heart warming tight hugs that start the day
It smells of smiles that come when the heart misses
It smells of hope that we will find the way

To find the way before winter comes
To go again hand in hand on that high tide sea
To dwell in laughter and love and groove to the drums
Lets go again and make from U and I to We


  1. This is sweet prose.....never knew the poet in 'the thinker'

  2. Very beautiful poem.. last 4 lines are very appealing!!

  3. @the mind behind the mindless lampoons - Thank you..actually just an attempt, I am more into prose. My Hindi poetry is somewhat better, but that comes sometimes..will probably post some of those soon.

    @Santosh Kumar - Thank you :)

  4. aweeeeesssooomme, u just got it right !!


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