What the hell!

I am on a morbid note today. I just read a post on Santosh's blog about the condition of train travel in India and it got me thinking – We really don’t have anything right, do we?

Yes, corruption is a major evil plaguing our nation today that seems to have hindered a lot of growth and potential. But what about vision? Do our leaders have any vision or creativity?

Look at any level of governance. They pass these ridiculously stupid plans based on God knows what data! It takes them 5 years to pass the plan, another 10 to implement it, by the time the plan become completely futile. How is it that they are not able to envision growth of the country and accelerated means of implementation to match that growth. I mean China built a road to Mt. Everest in 4 months. What a hazardous, terribly mountainous area that is! We, Indians on the other hand take as long as 4 years to build less than 1 Km long flyovers in metros, one can’t even begin to think of the time it takes to build such things in a non-metro.

One of the most ridiculous things I read in recent times was the mandatory parking space required in a mall according to Municipal Corporation of Pune – It was some 25 two-wheelers and 4-5 cars. Really? What the hell is that based on? Pune is a city teeming with two wheelers and cars, and only that much parking is needed in a mall? Its no wonder that on a given weekend you see jams happening around malls in Pune due to lack of parking. What is causing this situation, unwillingness to modify old rules, lethargy, corruption or lack of vision? I don’t know, I can’t say but I find it very disappointing!

Is it education, the ancient established city rules and structure, the collectivistic culture or fear of unknown, fear of change, or something else? Indians abroad have shown mastery at innovation. Indian brains are a brand to reckon with. Yet, what happens to the Indian brain in India? There are entrepreneurs but infrastructure is just not in place. How can it be that in governance we fail so much? Is it reservation, but then do people who come through reservation lack creativity, surely reservation cannot affect creativity of a person in any way!

A lot of times I question education. Its pathetic the way most lessons are taught. I hardly know anyone who had a similar kind of creative experience that I had when I did my 12th Chemistry in US. What is it that makes life so lack-lustre in India? At every point, be in a school, hospital, a government office, a private office – there are people who are not using any creativity. They don’t even seem happy – they just seem to lack interest and passion in what they do. What is causing this, and is it that compared to other countries we have more of these people and that is why we are unable to set up a better system. A better system of governance, town planning, education, infrastructure and innovation. I don’t have answers but too many questions on this. Do you know what is causing this? I see lot of people who just have this mentality that lets us do our own thing which means that lets just do what’s safe and not question, and ignore everything. What the hell is causing this apathy? Lack of creativity or lack of happiness or just lack of life?


  1. Yes! Our Education system lacks Creativity.You can check the course curriculum upto 10th std In India.

    How many time children are asked to write a new poetry (be it 4 lines or 8 lines short)?

    Children are forced to be copy cat. They are remember answers of the question, they are not asked to understand the prose or poetry?

    Our Education system and so called ambition of guardians do not motivate Young Scientists, young musicians, They are forced to study hard to collect degrees or to secure higher rank in competition. They never appreciated to solve the question using a new method.

    You have raised a vast question, I will answer later about Lack of happiness and lack of life(real life).

  2. Right, education is rotting big time. I think most schools and teachers actually do everything in their power to curb creativity.


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