Vision (Image taken from the Internet)

Sight like the other five senses is very important. Some things just by sight alone inspire you and make you feel elated:-
  • Dew drop on a flower petal
  • A bird flapping its wings in the sky
  • A butterfly fluttering around from flower to flower
  • A little kid smiling
  • A gushing waterfall
  • A never ending range of hills
  • The sun rising
  • The foamy white crashing waves at sea
  • Sunflowers turning heads to face the sun
  • A field of mustard

Now imagine you can’t see any of this anymore and its all dark. How will you live, will you be able to carry on with your life the way it is today?  

In India, it is a stigma to be disabled, be it physically or mentally. We lack infrastructure and we also lack understanding. I know many who enjoy making fun of those with disabilities. Who will cruelly push them around; engage in name calling or just plain laugh at their plight. It doesn’t help that we don’t have special provisions to cater to the need to the disabled. In US, the mentally and physically disabled are integrated with every part of life. There are classes for them in schools and colleges with normal individuals. All public buildings and shopping centres come with ramps, elevators and parking spots for them, allowing them to travel or move about easily. Forget comparison with US, look at our reluctance to donate our easy it is to pledge your eyes but how many people do this?

This is where Antardrishti, comes in. Antardrishti, a social development organisation is committed to the cause of blind people in our society. With its humble beginnings in 2006, Antardrishti is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882. Antardrishti aims at creating an inclusive society with equal and full participation of the blind or visually impaired people in conformity with the principles of equity, justice, participation and collective accountability of different stakeholders.

Antardrishti firmly believes that the visually impaired people do not constitute any social or personal liability, on the contrary, they are our valuable assets. They do not need sympathy but an environment that promotes and translates their innate potential into creative and productive energy.

Support Antardrishti and help the visually impaired.

The least you can do is donate your eyes today.

This post is a part of BlogAdda's Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR. You can too with three simple steps. Visit  and support the NGO's.


  1. thanks for sharing about Antardrishti...

  2. Thanking you for opening our eyes about this noble cause.

    We will also spread awareness about and motivate people to donate their eyes after their death.

    Social work is your hobby or passion for life??

  3. @Santosh I have done some social work but want to do more. Atleast I can do my bit by blogging about such things hence the post.


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