My First Published Story :)

(The Book)

Its out and I seriously can't stop gushing, jumping, smiling and laughing :D

Damn! It was last year around this time when I saw Preeti's gtalk message about Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul inviting entries for stories on friendship. I am not that confident about my writing skills but always wanted to have something written by me published in a book. I wrote a story from my life. A story about me and my best friend, Alka, called - The Ghost Walk. It got accepted and today the book is finally out!!

It just feels so great. To see my name there in the contents. To see my story there, and my name :D
The best part is, this is the long weekend..I am sick with fever and my body is super weak and sore but I have this book. This beautiful beautiful thing with my short story in it and I am going crazy :D


  1. wow..congratulations :)

  2. Congratulations!! I will go for this book and read your story. Keep it up. Let me know more about your literary work..please.

  3. @Santosh, thanks so much. Would look forward to your feedback on the same :)


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