Mixed Feelings

I am feeling really nostalgic, happy and sad today. I don't know what is it, less sleep, the weather or something else. The day started well but then I got to office and it seemed that the sky fell on my head. Less sleep and the crisis really bogged me down. Then nostalgia hit me. Out of the blue, I decided to look up this area I used to live in..one thing led to another and I recalled so many things from memory.

A walk down a road lined by chinar trees in a city silenced by terror

Srinagar 1989, I am too young and the city too quite. The guns, the blasts, the burning and the curfews. The leaves of chinar and the apple on trees, snow and the mountains, softy, lotus and Dal Lake.

My first pet 

Ya, she used to look like this, my adorable Polly, the companion of my childhood. I miss her!

My struggle with losing weight

 I gained a lot of weight in my last year of college and been trying to lose it since then. I lose it and I get it back but I am not the same girl I used to be. The girl who was never fat :(

A thing I knew how to do but haven’t done in ages 

I knew how to make this, don't know if I can still do..have to try soon.

Mom’s bangle box

Source: google.com via Vicki on Pinterest

She has this beautiful collection of bangles. Her bangle box is very fascinating for me..I love it!

Dad’s small cute little dictionary that I treasure

Its this size only, a pocket dictionary by Webster I think, have to check. I just remember how happy I felt when I found it in the store of my grandma's house. This small little cute dictionary..what a treasure!

This is the only thing that has got me bit happy today, I am still down but reading this is a bit comforting:-

Source: facebook.com via Jen on Pinterest

And this is thought provoking, I wish I could and do practice this more in future:-


  1. "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life", I loved this quote.
    I hope everything is back to normal now...

  2. Hi, Me too! Yes, all good now..thanks :)

  3. Your mentioned quote is very inspiring. So you walked in your memory lane...So far observing your Blog I have learnt that you r very emotional person.

    Once you step out of your home and step ahead to your office.. Be 100% professional, my suggestion may sound strange.. but I hope you would feel comfortable.

    We have to wear masks in the professional life. Use mask properly and do not let the mask override your original identity, Once you learn to make balance, you would feel fantastic and never be sad.

  4. read the post, yes have to agree that most of us tend to have such mood swing according to the weather/situation and so many other things. But to lift yourself above all is a gr8 challenge and needs to be sorted timely. Recall your old memories is one of my favorites to !!

  5. @Santosh..thanks. Yes I understand the need to be professional in office and I do practice it, though sometimes emotions get the better of me :)

  6. @Reader Heaven yup.. it does help to recall old memories. Another technique I read about once was counting one's blessings, just seeing what one has really uplifts the mood.

  7. I did NOT stumble in here by chance, trust me, curiosity got the better of chance.With that, I discovered that we have had a Chinar tree neighbourhood in common.That apart, I like the emotional depth portrayed.Carry on lady, following thee

  8. Thanks, and Welcome to the Blog :)


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