Marine Drive

Marine Drive - Pic I clicked on a Rainy Day

 Some things money can buy, for everything else there’s marine drive.

Really! :)

I am new to Mumbai and new to the sea. I have actually never seen another sea apart from the one in Mumbai. I recall the first time I saw it was when I was was a wonder then. The thing I searched for that time was the horizon or as its called in Hindi – Kshitij – the place where sky and earth meet. What a wonderous experience it was then and it still is now to see the horizon! The vast never ending sea and the endless sky meeting each other and forming this endless blue world.

I can’t take my eyes off the sea when I go to Marine Drive. Every moment seems to have something new to offer. Everytime you go there, there is a new experience waiting for you. Somedays the sea is calm, waves humming a soft music and taking their own time to hit the shore. Somedays the sea is turbulent, white foamy waves rushing rapidly to the shore on a black night. Black and white.. and spray of water on the edge of the wall. Somedays the sea is turbulent and the wind is wild, together they both seem to gush at you. You can stand on the wall and feel as if you are going to fly away. Somedays you can sit on the wall and be sprayed with the rising waves. Sometimes you can see the sea looking blue and fresh with the rising sun. Sometimes, the sea will be black with the night. Sometimes, it will flit from orange to green to blue to purple and red with the setting sun and sometimes it will be black and white like the black monsoon cloud hovering over it.

The sea is so huge and the sky so vast. It makes you feel really small. A tiny piece in the vastness of the universe. Yet, being there will awaken your senses. The sea and the sky will come and take you in their arms and match your mood. The waves will come and talk to you. If you are sad, they will console you and make you feel safe and loved. If you are angry, they will calm you and make you smile. If you are happy, they will make you feel even more elated. You can hear the waves and sing with them. Personally I feel nothing matches the experience of singing with the waves..its way too much fun, especially try singing Indian ragas with the waves..its heavenly! :)

This is just the magic of sea and sky alone. If you happen to sit on the beach then other wonders will greet you. The wonder of sand. Pearls of wisdom that I heard once were that sand is so therapeutic, no matter how much your body aches, sand will cure it and relax you. Sand is like that. It takes your shape and cradles you in its arms, relaxing you and comforting you like a mother comforts her child. You can be dead tired and your body sore with pain, but five minutes of sitting on the sand will soothe your pain away. Its so relaxing to just sit there and relax, look at the waves and do nothing. To play with sand is so much fun to!. To hold it and let it slip by, and to form castles. No, these things aren’t for children alone..even adults need to do this. Get down, and get your hands dirty and play with the sand. You will not stop beaming and I bet you will hate to stop and go home.

I hate going home, I can spend hours just sitting there. I really have to sit there and do nothing for hours.


  1. Never been to Mumbai but agree to whatever you've said... Nature is powerful... Post is beautiful.. I was remembering the beaches and sea fronts I have seen...

  2. I agree.

    Sitting next to sea is very relaxing. It can heal our mind , it can cleanse our stress.

  3. @adayinlifeofmom Thanks :)

    @Santosh Yup, very true!

  4. I am not from a sea city...but when ever i sit on a beach I can just go on and on staring at the waves....its crazy how long I can stare at them....

  5. @ Raam Pyari Same here, I can't just take my eyes away from waves.


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