Happy Independence Day!

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It’s India’s Independence Day today, and I am happy and proud :)

A question that comes to mind on Independence Day is what are we going to do today – blame or claim of glory? Honestly, while I agree the day of Independence is an excellent day to review every achievement or lack of achievement of the country but one gets tired. Year after year, you can’t just read these things about India growing and India deteriorating! Patriotism isn’t remembering Gandhi, Bhagat Singh or anyone else for that matter. Patriotism is feeling love for your country.

I just hate these people who only say things like – “I hate Gandhi, or I hate what Nehru did, or I really hate what has become of our country on Indian Independence or Indian Republic Day”. Do you say I just hate the way I look or how much I am earning or my so and so is to blame for my condition on your birthday? No, right? You feel your birthday and you feel happy. So why can’t you feel happy when it’s your country’s Independence Day? So please keep your sweet logic for not feeling patriotic to yourself and let the rest of us feel happy on this day.

Fervor of patriotism lies in the pride you have for your country. National symbols such as the flag, animal, emblem, song are there and connect to this beautiful feeling. The feeling however has to come from within. Achievement or deterioration is hardly a criterion for feeling happy on Independence Day. Maybe people and media are just complicating things. Maybe we are just forgetting that those men, yes those men including the men that you despise had to struggle a lot to get this independence for us, for themselves or for their own political greed..whatever. Point is, remembering those men, hating or loving them is not a definition of patriotism, nor I am sure was it their goal to be remembered more than the nation.

Patriotism is that happy sappy feeling that fills your heart when you even take the name of your country. Don’t complicate it. Realize what you have, when you have this country as your motherland and feel happy. Laugh, live, love, be happy, it’s your Independence Day!
If you feel your country sucks, then don’t just start hating it or blaming the system. You are the system and can make or break it. Stop complaining and start acting if it bothers you that much!


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