Poll: In Search of the Perfect Phone

Hi, I am in search of a new phone and need your help. I have narrowed down to some 5 phones. I do want everything in my phone but mostly what I like to use is camera and music. I have a HTC Touch as of now, and looking for an equally good if not superior phone.

Do let me know your views, which of these would you buy and why:-

Which phone would you buy out of these and why?


  1. hi gunjan, after communication its nothing but the camera & music are the most important features for any mobile. I think, Sony xperia will definitely offer u better experience.

  2. Hi, thanks a lot. I do feel Sony Experia is good value for money, lets see :)

  3. Since you said iphone 4, I couldn't help but point out that the best phone in the world is missing from your list!

    If there ever was a phone that had everything, it would be the Samsung Galaxy S2. Think of any feature, this baby has it. Open any mobile review website, and this phone is at the top.

    And at 5 grand cheaper than the iphone 4, it's definitely worth the money.

  4. Hi Mahul, yet to buy the phone. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, will definitely check it out!


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