Blood Group & Diet

Came across some information in the newspaper regarding the kind of food, people with various blood groups should eat. Its pretty interesting:-

Group O

Group of early man, the hunter-gatherers. This type leans towards a caveman diet, high in proteins, since the body is known to secrete high amounts of hydrochloric acid, which helps digest proteins. Simultaneously, this group is prone to certain allergic and auto-immune reactions triggered by seeds, grains and legumes. Prone to ulcers.

Group A

This type evolved as man shifted towards agrarian lifestyle so a farmer diet is recommended, a diet rich in complex carbs, fruits, vegetables and grains. Fish and soy foods as proteins are also well suited to Type As. Type As have high amount of clotting factors in their blood and low amounts of cholesterol-splitting enzyme. A heavy meat diet can lead to cardiovascular disease in Type A. A diet that leans towards the vegetarian can balance the risk. Prone to cancers.

Group B

This group is said to have emerged amongst the nomadic herders. The herder diet should be heavy in dairy products, which sustained the nomadic populations. Prone to viral infections and fatigue.

Group AB

The ideal diet should be a balance between those for Types A and B. Prone to cardiovascular disease, high BP and cholesterol problems.

What to eat?

A+: Cereals (roti/bread/rice), moong dal. Stay away from dairy products

B+: Proteins (non-veg/paneer/soya), potatoes (among starches). A wheat-free diet is a good idea.

O+: Proteins (non-veg/paneer/soya), moong dal, missi roti. Stay away from dairy products and cereals.

AB+: Bran roti, moong dal, besan, rice and potato.

Negative groups can follow the same chart but all sub-groups should avoid dairy products.


  1. Thanks for the informative post, was never aware of that before !!!

  2. Hi, you are most welcome. I find it very interesting and I have seen that one of my most favourite foods does match my blood group food habits the most.


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