Me Time!

We lead such stressful lives these days that we often forget to spend some time just with ourselves and for ourselves. As a result the 'me' that should be loved most is neglected most. Often the lack of time is an excuse for this, but really sometimes one just needs a bit of time or a simple activity that gives you that special time. Here are some ways of pampering yourself:-

1. Do Nothing - Lol! This one's actually my favourite. I mean I work and have a long commute from work to home and by the time I reach home, each part of my body just screams out with fatigue. At such times, after I freshen up and have my dinner, I just like to sit in my room and just do nothing. No thinking, no, nothing, just throw your mind blank and do absolutely nothing. Try this even for 5 minutes and you will feel different.

2. Listen to Music - They say music is a universal language, no matter what your nationality or culture or even native tongue; a soothing tune will stir your heart the same way the way it stirs the heart of another person from the other side of world from you. At times when I am too stressed or just down and out, a soothing melody calms me down and helps me relax. Its a beautiful feeling to get lost in the beauty of sweet melodies.

3. Go Visit Your Sanctuary - Sometimes it helps when you have special place that helps you relax. It could be a park, a crowded mall or a corner in your room. As far as I can remember I always had a sanctuary. I traveled a lot and had sanctuaries in all the places I lived in. One place I lived in, I discovered a beautiful stream. I was only 9, I used to go play there, sometimes with friends, sometimes just alone. Just gazing at the flowing water brought me a lot of peace and happiness. It was actually a magical place for me. I used to visit it atleast once a week. I saw a crab up close for the first time near that stream. Saw tadpoles, infact we friends, used to take them home and watch them swim in glass they were like our pet fishes, and then after few days we used to release them back in the stream. Then, I saw water snakes in the stream. There was even a small wooden bridge across the stream and a quicksand near it. It was a place full of wonders! Another place I lived in, a tree was my sanctuary, I used spend time near it. Have you ever hugged a tree? Its a very comforting. Today there is a ground. I just sit there and watch the open sky, the trees overhead, the clouds, the earth below. I feel the wind touch me and I feel loved. This ground is across the city but I love it and feel compelled to visit it. Everywhere I lived, I always had 2 sanctuaries like even today. My room is also my sanctuary. I just like to spend some time alone in it. Do my own thing. It really helps me unwind.

4. Write or Read - Read a book you like or write something. Sometimes even when you have nothing to write about, you can just play a small game. Go blank and set a timer, for 1 minute or so just write anything and everything that comes to your mind. It just releases you. At the end of it, you will feel as if a burden has lifted off you even though you might have just scribbled absolutely illegible thoughts or words.

5. Doodle, Draw, Crafts and Exercise - Remember PT and Art/Craft period in school. Mostly we just did simple exercises or drew/made simple drawings or projects. Some of us were good, some great and some really bad at it but all of us got a good break from the stresses of school life. We found a release and had a bit of fun. So just like then, do this. Make a painting even if you can't paint. Just playing with colours and the satisfaction of having created something will make you happy and at peace with yourself.

I do engage in all the above activities to have some 'me' time. Although I am not always regular but once in a while when I do these things, it makes me happy and relaxed. How about you, how do you spend your 'me' time?


  1. Totally true what u write here .. but i am missing something :( .. how about sleeping :D all day long.

  2. loll lazy bum :P

    But ya sleeping brings with it, its own bliss!


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