5 Things I am Grateful For Today

(Image taken from the internet)

1. Late arrival of direct bus from office to home – I commute by the municipal transport services and contrary to popular belief, buses do come mostly on time. There is just one direct bus from my office to home but it leaves the office bus stop at 5.45 PM, and the next one is not before 8 PM. Thus, normally I do not get a chance to catch this bus and have to change 2 buses on my way home and this increases the commute time considerably. Rains are a really bad time to be at a bus stop – the overflowing water, muck and the wait, its horrible! It was pouring cats and dogs today and I was actually worried about my return journey home. Luckily, the direct bus got delayed and reached the bus stop at 6.10 today thus not only did I get saved from the rains and the wait at the second bus stop but I reached home in a very short span of time.

2. My Neighbours and their Interest in Gardening – I happen to live in a very green neighbourhood. Due to the rains its beautiful and green right now. The most beautiful thing is the walk home, beautiful rose bushes, green trees greet me on my way home. The whole experience is just spectacular and enough to drive the daily stress away!

3. Danone’s Foray into India – Ok, I don’t know why, I mean we are the country of doodh and dahi but we don’t really experiment much with it. I was really amazed with the kind of yogurt flavours available in US during my stay there. One of my favourites was this watermelon yogurt flavor – it was truly something! I am glad Danone has come to India and I love the strawberry flavor, hope they introduce other interesting flavours soon. There are other Indian dairy companies that have introduced similar products but somehow they never get the consistency and flavour right. Imagine having your dinner after a hard day’s work and digging into smoooooth yummy strawberry yogurt, that’s what I did today and this ups my list of grateful things for today :)

4. Stupid People at Work – Yeah, unbelievable right? Sometimes it’s a boon to have stupid people at work. The kind that to go ahead just keep putting the blame on another person. How are they a blessing? Well mostly they make you angry but they also teach you patience. Also, you never run out of moments to laugh about cos in their desperation to succeed or always be right, they commit a lot of and I mean a lot of truly senseless and hilarious actions!

5. Music – Need I say more? One of the answers that I got right during my Masters was this – Which is the universal language – Music. No matter where you are, what you feel, you can connect to another person through music. No matter, how hard your day, or what your current mood…Music works like magic. I am listening to music after a long time today and its just nice to relax this way :)