The Colours of Summer

Gulmohar Tree

Green Mangoes (Amiya)

Amaltas Tree

Summer is here with all its fierceness, the scorching sun burning bright .. making everything appear pale in its mighty brightness.

Dry landscape, shining roads, and flowering trees like Gulmohar and Jacaranda stand out in vivid colours..they seem to scream to the sun, that look at our beauty, we are bright and beautiful! They spread their arms as long as possible to absorb the sun's rays. The arms filter the sun's rays and creates a shady dreamy area, you stand under it and the world is orange and red..soothing, calm and beautiful.

Then there's the Amaltas, it stands with overflowing strands of yellow flowers hanging down its body. Beautiful, yellow and so bright, but it seems to be shy of its beauty and looks as if it is just bowing down to the onlookers.

There is also the majestic Peepal, which has regained its leaves after the winter, it stands tall and proud. The Neem that spreads its branches and shelters all from the harsh weather like a mother, and the Mango, with bor and amiya laden arms fascinating one and all.

Summer is harsh but the trees make it beautiful. Each with its own personality stands out protecting and nurturing life around it.