Love, Life, Attention, Sorrow and Suicide

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Love, Life, Attention, Sorrow and Suicide.

Its said you can't love another if you don't love yourself, and yet its said that in love must forget oneself totally and give oneself to another person. A lot of times, love leads some people to forget the love for oneself.

A broken heart leads to pain, sorrow, despair and hopelessness.

Life suddenly becomes unbearable and one is drawn to more and more to the dungeon of sorrow and grief. It grows big.

Attention plays a big part, you need attention, you want others to care for you, you can't feel anything after your broken heart, and you take the way to escape.

You forget you, you forget your friends, you forget your family, escapism is the only way.

Suicide, a moment.. what if you live through it? Do you live life more then?

Or suicide - the last moment - do you realize that before the last breath left you - that you made the wrong choice. That you loved life and yourself, and that it isn't right to go this way?

Small words with large meanings - they seem petty when you compare to the human life gone before its time - Love, life, attention, sorrow - all in ways related to suicide.