Blogger 10 and the Internet

Well I haven't been around but this has surely an eventful time in Internet history. Blogger has turned 10, and the internet 40.

There was a lot of buzz about the internet turning 40, and really who would have thought so much would have been possible through the internet.

I first used the computer when I was 4. Used to play games on it in school. My favourite was Bricks. I created my first email account when I was 16. That too sitting in a cyber cafe, with the slowest internet connection possible. Oh, and the rate was 50 rupees an hour for the internet use. That was really steep!

The following month I moved to US, where even school projects were based on internet usage. I used to love the computer as a kid, but during my teens I was stuck by the restraints of a school program that allowed me to choose either computers or fine arts. I chose fine arts and that's how the disconnect happened.

Finally when I created my first email id, from then till now I haven't looked back. My world is the internet. My profession is also related to the internet. From emailing to searching to even pouring out my feelings and thoughts unto this blog, who would have thought, that I would grow to love the internet so much.

The internet ofcourse has its share of ills but when I look at the boons, the potential is so much higher and it really seems like an endless world.

Ok, before this starts sounding like an essay on the internet, I just want to say kudos to the internet and blogger. Thanks for making our world a much better place in so many ways :)