What do the Masks Hide?


So I am back, its been sometime since I blogged. Was a bit caught up..my fingers were itching with the urge to blog daily but my mind was too numb or one reason or another I just couldn't make it.

I am a bit stressed out these days. Its not a happy feeling but it happens. Sometimes things just don't go your way. Sometimes people you trust turn out to be something you never thought that they were. Sometimes the very same people twist your words to mean something else. It hurts and it hurts more if this happens where you spend the most amount of your day. You realize that no one is your friend. Why some people come to misunderstand you and misinterpret your words just for their own gratification is a thing hard to understand. It is especially hard because the said person in question is not someone you could ever pose a threat to. You only respect them but ofcourse it seems they seem to have a certain insecurity and they do what they can to sabotage your path to glorify their own road ahead.

Jealousy is such a pathetic emotion. Sometimes you get surprised by how petty things are noticed by others and how those things convey their true feelings. A small thing that brings out the entire malice of their hearts. So jealous! Jealous especially when you have your own rewards. Jealous because I am happy? I think apart from the old saying that implies, a true friend is one who also stays your friend when you are facing sorrow, a glaring example of who your actual friend is can be understood from the way your so called friends react to a sign of success in your life. Sure overtly they all seem happy but then subtle things happen. Subtle remarks, jokes..and you know what is going on. Some people are atleast honest and withdraw from you, others stick around and beat you with their snidy remarks. They might still give honest smiles to your face but turn your back and the brickbats start falling.

Really nothing shows you who your true friends are like HAPPINESS and SORROW.


  1. I'm sorry if that happends to you.. Just becarefull who you call your friends.. they may have turned there back at you ... then they never where true friends.

  2. Yup I know, that's why I said you truly realize who your true friend is if happiness or sorrow comes your way.


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