Virtuous Circle or a Vicious Circle

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I read a friend's blog post yesterday, it was about circles. Just reminded me of a book I had read once. The book of nothing - I never read it full but somethings in the beginning were really interesting and I had thought of a few things back then.

A circle, a dot, a shunya(zero), a point, a fullstop, a small black dot on a white background - nothing or the earth, a start of something, the basis for the whole number system and one of the most important discoveries in mathematics, a beginning of a line, an end of a sentence and the beginning of another, a sign of difference or individualism amongst the common white.

Circle is infinite..its nothing and yet its a magical shape..its everything. Planets, our earth, the sun, the zodiac, the eyes that show us so much - our vision, our way to perceive the world and the way others are, the way a Mother cradles a child is like a semi-circle, in stories and sayings.. the circle represents a never ending life, like after life, like deeds - what u sow shall you reap..the circle of life.. childhood to oldage..they say old age is second appearance and dependence and in wisdom - a child is smarter than an adult in many ways..they can see the malice of another heart very soon..something that adults miss a lot of times..Sans hair, sans teeth..said the verse of famous poem about oldage.

Vicious circle of demand and supply, of poverty and illiteracy and overpopulation of crime and greed, of obsession and compulsion.

A circle may be good, it maybe bad. It may never seem to end, it may be easy to break, it may overlap another. The circle that we may choose to follow change our life or make us feel trapped in its spin. But nothing ..not even a circle can bound you when you need to make a change..because every circle contains an end and a new beginning. Its upto you, the way you see it - a fullstop or the beginning of a new sentence :)


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. :D

  2. Thank you, glad you liked it :)
    Afterall its your post that made me write this one. :D


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