Rainy Mornings and Rainy Days

I am just very lazy these days. The laziness is growing more due to the weather. Ya I know there is always an excuse and weather is always the easier one ;)

Its been raining non-stop since the past 2 days. It does hold up for sometime in between but mostly it just pours. Right now, it has held up. Past two days its just been going spitter-splatter. Rain is so noisy. I am not really a rain fan apart from the first rain, the greens and everything after a while I get annoyed with rains.

I don't know if its just me, but for some reason everything gets intensified during the rains. I mean the smells become sharper, and seriously I have a tough time then cos my rhinitis starts acting up, and the colours ofcourse become sharper cos everything is so clean and green. The noises also become sharper I feel, I mean the same autorichshaw that used to pass earlier somehow becomes more louder. Its like there is more silence and any sound that sounds seems to sound louder.

I really get annoyed with the sounds, I prefer when its raining and the rain sound more to the vehicle and traffic sounds.

Past two nights I haven't been able to sleep that well either, I never have been actually able to sleep on rainy nights, the sound of rain is a bit disturbing. But more than that these two days I have been obsessed with ideas, one night I wanted to blog and yesterday I wanted to paint. I actually saw this beautiful waterfall the other day and the whole night I just wanted to paint it. Yet, I can't picture it that well, I just saw it momentarily, could not even take a photo of it :(
Plus I was sleepy at night yet the thought wasn't just leaving my mind. Maybe I'll attempt to paint it from memory but not sure if I'll do a good job.