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I want to write so much today, its like last night I was overcome with an irresistable urge to blog yet I could not cos that would have meant waking up every sleeping soul in my house. Yet the funny thing is today when I have the time and right environment to write..I just can't recall what I had wanted so badly to blog about.

So this is all gibberish, it will just release me somewhat. I think it was about addiction that I had wanted to write. The addiction to live, the addiction to die, the addiction to have sex, the addiction to eat, the addiction to worship, the addiction to drink, the addiction to gain, the addiction to compete, the addiction to power.

Its just a thought I had yesterday, that at every stage in life we have an addiction. The need, the desire..the addiction. As infants its food, as adults its food, power, love and money, in oldage its respect and recognition and later the addiction for being with God. The needs as Maslow proposed in his hierarchy, the need is just a softer name, in the end its an addiction.

Yet a word like addiction has such a negative connotation, addiction, desire.. why? We humans made the language and yet why some words became more negative than others?


  1. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php
    This site could help you maybe ...
    I think also feelings play a roll in negativity and positivity of our language.

    ps. if you are not capable to write on your blog.. use a notebook and write your words down :)

  2. Yup feelings do play a larger part but still the way language has evolved, we have assigned some words to mean negative things. For eg., lets say Proud and Pride, proud is normally used in a negative sense whereas pride is more positive unless ofcourse it is accompanied by another word such as 'misplaced pride'.
    Thanks for the site. :)

    Thanks for the blogging tip but what happened was that I had a huge feeling to write when I was sleeping, but when I actually started to blog I couldn't recall the exact thing that I had wanted to blog about :)


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