A Flower

(Photos by the Thinker)

I saw this flower yesterday. A very unique flower. I have never seen it before. Took some shots of it with my cell phone unfortunately they haven't come out so well. The flower is really delicate and the design is so different. It has two layers of petals and a very strong yet pleasant smell.

Our maid had got it from a vine. She told us that this flower only blooms during the rains. Maybe that is what makes it so special. I found it very attractive and it was just a very new experience for me to have discovered a new flower..something I hadn't seen before.


  1. I'm astonished! Not only from this beautiful flower...but also from the fact that you got a maid !!!

  2. loll.. maids are still cheap in India, almost every Indian household has one. Not like abroad..where having a maid is a luxury that only royalty can afford.

  3. Hi,
    something more about this flower:
    Its sanskrit name is "Krishnakamal". If you check its formation, it has 100 blue petals, under it 5 dots & 1 headder. It is said that it's formation of Kurukshtra- 100 Kauravas, 5 Pandvas & 1 Sherikrishna!
    Thats the reason its called "Krishnakamal" :)

  4. Hi Mayura, thanks so much for the info :)
    I really had never seen this flower before so didn't even know the name.


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