The Weekend & More

This has been a rotten weekend in some aspects. I had too much to do. Got a guest at home, couldn't really spend more time with her. Went to a mall yesterday which was damn crowded and noisy due to some promotions and some food service issue there. As in I ordered at a stall and they made me wait for 30 minutes to tell me that the dish I want isn't available, so much for customer service!
I just wrapped up my office work and its already 7PM sunday evening. The rest of the time will be spent entertaining the guest and her family for a dinner. So no leisure time for myself today :(

Apart from that, came across a blogpost today, its one of the selected posts on Blogadda for Spicy Saturday, June 13th, 2009. The blogger went Indian Bashing. He feels the attacks on Indians aren't racist, and racist attacks on Indians are more of a fictional type and media created hype. I mean sure we all are not really sure about the current attacks on Indians in Australia being racist or not but to say that racism towards Indians is non-existent is being way too optimistic.

Some of the readers who commented on the mentioned post even went ahead to blame Indians as being dirty and eating smelly food which you shouldn't in a foreign country. Oh, and last but not the least, we are racists (yes I agree we are), we don't treat foreigners well (yes a lot of Indians don't), so we have no right to complain against racism meted out to us (BULLSHIT!).

Racism is very true, it happens even today, in India and abroad. To say that it doesn't or its justified is total crap. And the food part, smelly food, I mean whatever makes you think that food of other countries doesn't stink? Dirty - really, and foreigners are never dirty?

There are people of all kinds, good and bad, dirty and cleaniness freaks, smelly food eaters and whatever is not so smelly food eaters.

What kind of a person says all this and thinks this way about racism and Indians at large? Actually you know what, such a type of post could only have been written by an Indian and such comments also could only have been made by an Indian, because only an Indian can show such disrespect for everything Indian.