The Trip and the Trek

(Some of my favourite Photos from the Trek, you can see other of the road journey to the camp on my other blog)

Well the trip was great fun. We were on our toes 24/7 as a lot of activities had been planned out for us. The most fun activity though was a trek that we took on the second day. The camp that we stayed in was situated at the base of some mountains, so we got up at around 5.30 and set out for the trek at 6.30.

I have been trekking before but this was definitely different as I trekked after a really long time. The climb up was definitely arduous but comparatively I feel the climb down was harder as the path was full of rubble that made the area easier to skid on.

The most beautiful part about trekking though is the view from the summit. By the time one reaches the peak, one is really breathless and exhausted. At that time, the beautiful view of the valley down below greets you and all your exhaustion and breathlessness vanishes. There is a stillness in the air, no sound except that of your own breathing. No disturbance, just you, the view and the sense of accomplishment. Even when you are climbing the mountain, at one point atleast you feel like running away and you question as to why you are continuing this arduous task. The summit and the view that greets you however makes it all worthwhile.

Its like life, you cross many difficult situations in your path. At times you face such hard obstacles that you start doubting your abilities, and even question the worth of carrying forward with the path you have chosen. If however you choose to stay on the path, the final destination makes all the pain and hardship you went through worthwhile. Sweet success shines your way.


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