A Treat for the Senses

These are some photos I clicked recently with my cell. As you can see they are photos of flowers. The purple flowers are called Hollyhocks. The white ones are very common in India but I just can’t seem to recall their name. If you know the name, do write me a comment and let me know. These white flowers grow on trees and you will most definitely see them in full bloom during the summers. They have a really strong but sweet smell. I absolutely love it.
(The road to my special place)

There’s a special place for me, it makes me happy and gives me a lot of peace. I can’t visit the place daily as it’s on the other end of the city, really far from where I stay but whenever I am down, I try to go there. This special place has a beautiful short road that leads to it. The road is surrounded by these white flower trees on both sides. The trees are quite old and beautiful. The road is always carpeted by these flowers and you can always sense the sweet scent.

The route that I take from my office to home has a bungalow with 8-10 of these trees in the garden. The trees are old and the most beautiful part about them is that their trunks divide into branches at a very low height. Often I have thought how it must feel if one could sit on the trees and read a book. I wonder if the people living the house ever do that. It will be such a delightful experience. This particular road from my office to home is actually pretty nice. It’s surrounded by trees on both sides. One even crosses a very green jogger’s park towards the end. It’s about 5 kms but when the weather is pleasant I try to walk this road because it’s a wonderful experience. I mean you can see beautiful flowering trees, birds, greenery, flowers and be engulfed by sweet scents that satiate your senses. It’s really a sensory delight, the eyes see beauty, the nose smells sweetness and the ears hear chirps of birds.

The downside to the experience is that I get quite a few stares from motorists. I find it really amusing actually. Walking is a rare thing these days. People prefer sweating it out in gyms to walking around in natural surroundings. Can’t blame them also, who wants to walk in footpath-less roads, and polluted environs?

Its only places like the mentioned road that is worth walking on. The secret of the road’s wonder lies in nature, the road is surrounded by trees. It would simply lose its charm without them. We really need more and more trees wherever possible. Life without trees and nature is just unimaginable.