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I am really sleepy today. I guess I am still not over the fatigue set in by the trip. You know they say we have a tendency to feel that the sleep we lost keeps bothering us and we need to make up for it by sleeping for long hours. The truth however is that, its more of a psychological issue, we believe we have lost sleep and don't recover our active state till we acknowledge that we have had enough sleep.

I am feeling that I really haven't had proper sleep and hence the present state. :)

Sleep plays a really important role in our lives. I never faced any sleep problems as such but these days my sleep routine is a bit disturbed so I have realised the value of sleep like never before. Improper sleep makes you feel sleepy all day long. It makes hair more coarse and causes them to fall more, even leads to greying. Skin also tends to get dry, at times acne breakouts happen. Puffy eyes, dark circles, muscle aches and pains, constipation, stomach upset, indigestion and overall tiredness are caused by lack of proper sleep. These are just some of the problems caused by lack of sleep.

Many people including myself get colds or fever when we sleep less. I know a lot of people who have made their lifestyle such that they cannot but sleep for more than 4 hours on a weekday; weekends, they sleep for 14 hours straight. Some people just don't want to miss out the events that occur while they rest. I feel its a bit too much. Maybe they gain today by being so aware but what of the years they are cutting off their lives?

A really lateral generalization of the lack of sleep but this is what I feel sometimes - the society is turning meaner by the day because of lack of sleep. I mean a lot of people don't get enough sleep these days due to work pressures, environmental causes (noisy neighbourhoods) or diet related (consumption of caffeine rich products) and even exercise. Exercise - ya those night gyms, agreed they give you the much needed work-outs but they also make your body more alert causing you to sleep later than you would like to. Now, whether they admit it or not or even feel it or not, they have got to have some amount of irritation due to lack of sleep which translates into increasing meanness.

In short, a higher number of people are irritated today due to lack of sleep, these irritated people carry an edginess in their social interactions due to this, leading to a more mean environment for everyone.

Do tell me your views on this. Also do you face any sleep issues?


  1. hmm interesting post with lots of facts i never knew b4 reading this .... and to wrap it all a really sleepy cartoon with goes with the post ... in all a pretty sleepy post ... lolz

  2. Thanks but since you didn't answer the question, I am guessing you really don't face any sleep problems, rite? I am thinking of doing a follow up on the post though, with more serious effects of sleep and some pretty simple and natural cures for the same.


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