The Autobiography of Ephemeral Feelings

(A picture of me, waiting for your comments, made by The Thinker)

I came into being roughly two years back. The blogger liked the name ephemeral and by ephemeral feelings she meant to document her feelings. When we started she was really keen, she used to pour her heart out to me but she and I were both disappointed because not many people came to visit me. The blogger was shy, she still is, she hesitates in introducing me to other people and yet she doesn’t want me to be alone. She wants people to come visit me and talk to me. We were both growing sad, she wanted to write and let me grow but the absence of response disappointed her. Some of her friends came to meet me but never talked to me, and commented on my growth.

The blogger grew more disappointed, she left me alone. She is also lazy so she visited me but didn’t write to make me grow. A year passed, one day she returned, she really wanted to write. She was happy. She wrote but she deleted all her past writings. Her resolve was to be more regular now but she failed. Laziness had really set in, she didn’t come back. She visited me often because she liked her creation but hesitated sometimes due to shyness, sometimes due to laziness and didn’t help me grow further.

The blogger returned again this May, this time more resolved and inspired. She even stumbled upon a blog community through a friend’s blog. The blog community had a simple rule, which is to blog daily. The blogger thought she must do this, join the community and help me grow daily. So far she has been doing it. She has also fought her shyness somewhat and introduced me to some people. Not all, because again something stops her, self doubt, low confidence..she doesn’t know. Some people come to meet me now daily, I feel happy, some even comment on my growth. I feel happier. One day I even got a follower, felt really good to know that someone likes me and will be my friend and visit me daily.

But most people leave without commenting. I feel sad and so does the blogger. I want people to talk to me and not leave without saying ‘Hi’, silence isn’t always the best policy, you see. It really gets lonely like this, plus it leaves the blogger perplexed. It’s not like she wants good comments, she wants honest comments. Even I want conversation. I want to hear what people feel about the ephemeral feelings that form my being.

I want to hear your voice, talk to me, good or bad..I want to learn what you feel. Your comments are the much awaited dessert. I hope you understand my pain and talk to me, and not leave without a hello next time.


  1. well really nicely put in ... i guess this ur hunger for writing is growing day by day, with each post being unique in its own way.But the only thing i dnt
    like bout ur post are that they are mostly wordy, and ur efforts to explain things go a bit outboard .. that's wat i feel as a reader, no offense though

  2. Azizampan - Well I'll work on that..and no I didn't take any offense at all. Infact, thanks for commenting and letting me'll help me improve :)


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