First Rain

It just started raining a few minutes back. It still is. The first rains of the season. There is thunder and lightening and rain.

I am not a big rain fan, I am more of a sunshine person but hey who doesn't love the first rain of the season. The first rain that ushers in the monsoons. Rain, the singular thing that almost miraculously turns everything beautiful. Greenery all around, the earth's parched throat is finally not dry anymore. Dirt gets washed away and everything appears to be sparkling clean and oh so green! The smell, ah! Does anything even compare to the smell of earth after a rainshower? The sky opens up and with rain come even thunder and lightening, is the heaven finally speaking to us?
Poets and singers sing tales of the rain's glory and, lovers, they long for each other like never before. Such is the magic of rain.

Lets do a small quiz.

1. What is your favourite rain song?
2. Best time to rain?
3. Favourite poem on rain?
4. Favourite snack during rains?
5. An activity that you absolutely enjoy when it rains?

Here are my answers:-
1. I love a rainy night by Eddie Rabbit.
2. Afternoon.
3. Rain rain go away ..loll the nursery rhyme..can't really recall of any poems as of now.
4. Onion pakodas. Yummm!!! :D
5. Watching the raindrops fall by :)

Waiting for your answers, do reply soon.


  1. 1.Through The Rain by Mariah Carey
    3.The First Rain by Yehuda Amichai (should read that one ;) ) cream :D
    5.making music with the rain
    (put some glasses outside and the rain will make the music itself)

    People should appreciate the rain more.It's so beautiful and is full of live. Don't hide inside dance with it :D

  2. 1. a mallu song
    2. afternoon, of course
    3. there is a poem called 'ratri mazha' in mallu
    4. chocolate pastry :)
    5. gazing at the rain

  3. Hope Alias - I totally agree, nothing like dancing in the rain :)
    Will definitely read the poem you recommended. Thanks for participating, hope to hear more comments from you in the future. :)

    Wonderer - Thanks for sharing your answers, do tell the song's name. :)

  4. 1. Bhingi Bhingi Rato Main
    2. Any time
    3. No any
    4. Lolly Pop
    5. Playing Football

  5. Deepak Kumar - Thanks for sharing, I really liked your choice of snack :)

  6. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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