90:10 Reservation by Board - the unadulterated truth from a Marathi politician

(Image from the Internet)

We, the people of Maharashtra are special. An honourable minister just introduced the 90:10 reservation. The reservation makes it compulsary for colleges to grant 90% seats to students studying under Maharashtra Board and 10% to the rest (ICSE, CBSE and others).

What does this imply? It takes the cause of Marathi Manoos ahead.. yeah the Marathi Manoos, he is not an Indian first, he is a Marathi, he hates all Indians - the Biharis, the UP bhaiyas, the north Indians, the outsiders.. and these people they have no right to visit Maharashtra because Maharashtra belongs to the Marathi Manoos not to Indians ok?

Ofcourse its another matter that when terrorists attack Mumbai, the NSG, a national entity is supposed to fight them. The super talkative leader who keeps babbling about northerners and getting them beaten up by his so-called party workers, doesn't even have the guts to open his mouth to address why Mumbai faced such a security lapse. Actually the leader and his men love destroying public property, yes, they destroy upto 50 buses in a day when the city municipal transportation already faces a shortage of buses. New buses? Well they take too long to be purchased, atleast by burning the buses, the leader and his party are giving a chance for the reduction of pollution and allevating poverty.

Yes yes it reduces pollution, you see more people resort to walking and, others use rickshaws thereby helping those poor rickshawallas earn. The reason the said leader and his party were quiet during Mumbai attacks were that property was already being destroyed plus the terrorists were killing outsiders..and you all know how we the Marathi Manoos feel about the outsiders. They just come to spread filth in our beautiful state.

The second implication, school boards other than Maharashtra board have no right to run in Maharashtra, ICSE and CBSE..hell we don't care..you paid the money to attend them now get lost. Or better still pay us donations..yes, pay the politicians big fat lumps of money. Now, you are wondering why you need to pay the politicians, well because we own most of the colleges, and when there is 90:10 rule in government colleges, its obvious that the kids who passed out Xth from other boards will have to apply to these colleges and pay heavy donations to study beyond Xth standard.

Yeah, the Maharashtrian politicians are way too smart, you see we weren't happy making money off the "outside Maharashtra" students alone, now we got the other Maharashtrian students also who show the audacity to study in ICSE and CBSE schools. You all have to pay the price for not adhering to the Marathi Manoos cause. Its a different story ofcourse that I and other Marathi politicians send our kids to private schools and colleges abroad, just for security reasons ofcourse. If it were the good ole' days I would have loved to let my kids study in those depilated, overcrowded buildings that house the state board schools. Yeah, I know they don't have the capacity to carry more students but that is never a problem for us Indians, we can adjust. We adjust everywhere, you must have seen that underwear ad, we are like that, we adjust everywhere to everything.

Trust me, you all will thank us politicians for this new move and adjust to it like always :D
Jai Maharashtra!