The Wrath of Lizards

(Image is from a website, with edited text)
The house I live in has a serious lizard problem. I mean we get rid of one and the very next day, another pops-in. I mean I don't have anything against lizards or something but well I prefer not to have to rest my eyes on them everyday.

The lizards that show up in my house are well just too much. If you try to chase them away they will make every attempt to run in opposite direction, that is away from the window and door and into the house. They will mock you and try to jump on you.

Sit quitely one day in silence and the lizard will start talking. I have lived in many houses and seen lizards before but really hearing the chuckle kind of sound - well witnessed it for the first time in this place.

Think that the lizard will visit your house at night and mind his/her own business and leave you alone in the morning. Surprise surprise! It will land up in a switchboard and get fried or even better enter your PC's CPU and get fried there. Now, all you can think of what did I do to deserve this!

I mean we are all cleaniness freaks in my house, we don't allow pests to thrive in the house, so what are lizards coming to the house for? There are two streetlights outside the house, don't they get enough food there, so why do they even need to enter the house?

Last but not the least, the PC, I forget to cover it one damn day and the lizard think the CPU is the best place to rest! I mean is every hole, crack or crevice meant to be a resting place for a lizard?
Can't they see they are unwelcome then why don't they stay out.

Lizards are pests, one lizard in a house is still fine but they just want to take over every room in my house. I have already put last year's highlights of lizard love - fried stinky switchboards and damaged PC. This year its like a baby boomer. The lizard babies just don't stop coming!

Okay so I find the chameleon amazing, such adaptability and I loved the famous line of the iguana in Doctor Doolittle 2 - "So young, so angry, Damn that rap music!"

Yet that is all the love that I can conjure for the pesky pests.