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This post is well dedicated to all the sweet eatables out there. Can't actually believe I am doing this! I come from a family where everyone excluding me are sweet addicts. I have a preference for the namkeen and or spicy palate. Yet, its not that I don't eat sweets but maybe its less in comparison or rather the love for it is less when compared to my family's love for the same.

Its actually a convention in my house to have dessert daily. Trust me it piles up calories like anything and is quite addictive. Luckily my parents have become a bit resistant now, as they have kind of reached the age where triglycerides and cholesterol take a new jump with sweets.

We have a pretty balanced diet and the daily dessert could be called the only vice we have. We all love fruits and now the daily dessert is replaced by fruits.

Its hard to not fall for the allure of rasgullas, boondi ke ladoo, gulab jamun, kheer, malai barfi, ras malai and other delicacies like pasteries, souffle and mousse once in a while.

The best part is how with everything that is going through a new invention of sorts in food delicacies, mithai is also being reinvented with new ingredients. If you like novelty, visit your nearest sweetmart and you can experience the thrill of new flavours melting in your mouth.

Frankly eventhough I am not a 'sweets' person, nothing helps me fight a bad mood like chocolate. A bad mood day and the first thing I crave is a bar of chocolate.

I think its amazing how sweets are loved all over the world. Probably its the most favourite flavour. The irony ofcourse is that it often leads to weight gain. Weight gain or sweets - what do you prefer?