Recession and Money

(Image taken from a website)

I just finished reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. A hilarious piece of chick-lit, the book does have a section of how to cut costs and save money. Basically its the story of a shopaholic who lands herself in a debt due to her incontrollable shopping urges. So we come across this section also where she tries to cut costs by following a self-help book on the topic.

The part is extremely funny because the self-help book talks of certain measures that can help one cut costs, however to implement those measure one needs to spend some money. The shopaholic thus ends up spending more.

In these times of recession, one sees a lot of free advice online on how to cut costs and save money. Apart from the topic of food and diet, I believe this is the only other most popular topic today. Its important that one save money and most of the articles do suggest good advice. One must however consider every advice with caution or avoid being in a soup like Rebbeca Bloomwood, the shopaholic.

Some advice may work for one person while it may prove to be rather difficult and costly for another. One must weigh all the options carefully. The important part is to not over-indulge, especially if cutting costs is the need of the hour for you.

Not to forget do save some for a rainy day, recession or not.