On Writing Again

Its been forever since I wrote here. Off late too many things have been bothering me. Well the recent issue being voting. First of all people don't vote in this country. Secondly if they do, there will always be a thousand obstacles thrown in their way.

I mean look at our corporates, they can't give us a holiday on voting day and some people will just not vote because of that. The government in the city I live in had made it compulsary for private and public organizations to grant a holiday on voting day but a lot of companies including mine did not follow that guideline.

I had to get up real early and go vote before office, I voted and I felt good. Some people could not. I just felt that companies should not have flauted the rule like that and it got me thinking, what is it with the corporate culture in India anyway.. they forget that humans work for them, and they also seem to forget that they should take some pride in their own country. I mean the insensitivity is shocking really. I really get sick to the bottom of my stomach when I hear of companies who don't give an off on National holidays and instead on the Fourth of July. What the hell are they thinking? They got foreign clients and so what, are they also living in the US of A? What's with the Indian fixation with USA anyways, and if you admire that country then atleast inculcate some good qualities from them, some being the PRIDE that Americans have for their own country, the 5 day week, the HR policies and the policies on Sexual harrassment.

First learn to treat humans and your country with respect, and then think of the money.