Be Yourself

I just saw this movie - She's The Man. I actually found it quite funny but most importantly what I liked about it how it stresses on being what you really are. No matter what the world thinks of you and your choices, you must do what you really believe in.

The world is huge, and the funny part is people have a knack for poking their nose at seemingly unharmful acts of others. You'll always hear people jeer at others who are different at them. The other end of the story is that people will notice the one who is different but never his/her pain. No one will come to you when you need help but they will always come in your way if you go out to do something that you truly believe in.

The very same people will go all ga-ga over you if you achieve success with your unique acts. Fact is no one really cares with what you do and so you should do what you truly believe in.

If your beliefs bring you happiness, you will find support. Happiness and success are magnets. They bring others to you and even if they bring you nothing, you will still do great because you will have a sense of accomplishment with knowing that you did what your heart truly wanted.

Nothing pays more than being ready to fight for what you want. Just be yourself.


  1. I have read a poem by Osho Rajnish, it was like :

    Be yourself,
    And you will be accepted by God ,
    You will be accepted by nature.

    I always Love to share a Quote :

    Be First,
    Be Daring ..
    Be Different.

    I agree with you, we are not here just being a copycat, we must respect and love our Individuality. God has send us to prove our individuality and unique identity.

  2. Thanks, couldn't have said it better!


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