Arts, Commerce and Science

Yesterday I wrote about comic books and the thing that struck me was the lack of the same for adults in India by Indian authors. The Japanese have the Manga, the Americans have cult classics like Batman, X-Men and Superman to name a few. There are graphic novels. How is it that we don’t have any Indian authors exploring the same?

In the west comics are so popular that they are even turned to movies that set cash registers ringing throughout the world. Look at any of the superhero movies, most are the product of Marvel Comics.

It doesn’t seem likely that Indians don’t have the creativity to produce comics. Possibly the absence of the same can be blamed on our fixation with studying to be Doctors, Engineers and MBAs.

Arts, Commerce and Science – the moment you pass Xth standard, you are posed this crucial question for the path that shapes your life.
Arts graduates are looked down upon, if you choose Arts, you are more than likely perceived to be a bad student or dim wit. The only time you are pardoned is if you follow up your Arts degree with an MBA degree.
The ideal choice is Science, Commerce – the second best choice. You take up science, study to be a doctor or engineer. If you take up engineering, follow it up with an MBA and your life is set.

Does taking up a choice that gives you money, fame and social standing fulfill your creativity? Is it important to let your interests remain only that and not a career?

Remember school and college magazines, where students posted poems and prose. What happened to those students? Many had the potential to be a poet or artist but most are engineers or doctors. Agreed it’s a path they chose but was it really free will? Could they have gone down the unconventional path and given this country artists, singers, poets and even comic books for adults?