Archie Andrews

(Image from Archie Comics Website)

Read the news in the morning, Archie Andrews will finally be getting married. Come September it'll either be Betty Andrews or Veronica Andrews. Pretty exciting must say, who ever thought the reckless yet sweet Archie would ever settle down.

I am actually dying with excitement to know who it will be. Uggh! Its only May!

Personally I am really confused because Betty, well she was always sweet..the girl next door type. She is so sweet that if Archie doesn't choose her, it would be devastating. Veronica on the other hand was more of an assertive type, bossy, selfish, rich and vain yet she has loved Archie for so long. It may seem that she is stronger and will be able to handle a break-up with Archie. Yet, just because she never was the sweet one, doesn't mean Archie shouldn't choose her. Its so hard really to choose between the two!

Ofcourse one wonders about the other inhabitants of Riverdale as well, Jughead :) , Reggie, Moose and Dalton to name a few. I wonder if the to be released edition would show Jughead in a new light as well. Would the comic grow serious and show him undergoing therapy for eating disorder or retain his original personality and habits?

Not to forget his girlfriend..I believe her name is Ethel, I can't recall it so well. Would Jughead finally settle down with her?

Reggie is an interesting character as well, his role is especially to consider if Archie and Betty settle down. Would it be Veronica and Reggie then? Also would Reggie finally be mature enough to love another being more than himself?

Imagine imagine.. what do you believe will be the story?

September is a long way off, lets see who comes up with the most accurate prediction of the future of Riverdale's famous inhabitants.


  1. what if he is marrying somebody othr than betty or veronica..... like our hindi movies :)

  2. I know I thought of that too, it'll be heartbreaking.. or rather maybe the girls deserve better ;)


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