Long Drive

The other day, it was a weekend and we decided to set out on a long drive.

We set out on the Pune - Nashik highway, the road was nice, just a little bad in some patches. The weather was hot, what with the summer here. We came across almost 7-8 water sources on the way, some rivers, canals and lakes. The scenery was nice.

Now, I noticed two interesting things. One, a part of the road has been newly developed in Pune on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, the road has been widened but in some patches they have left a huge area for the divider. Why, the area is so huge that an entire car lane could be accomodated in the same and I am not exaggerating. One fails to understand the emphasis on wastage of land for bulky dividers in Pune when the city is facing severe traffic congestions due to narrow roads. Not to forget the newly developed footpaths and cycle tracks in several areas, which have ruined wide roads. The footpaths and cycle paths are actually developed in such a manner in some places that one finds it an arduous task to reach the shops in those areas. Also you will really never find a cyclist using those cycle tracks, they still use the main road and even the traffic police doesn't do anything to enforce it, so why is it that space was wasted on cycle tracks? The volume of cars is increasing daily and with Nano, one expects a rise in the same, so why are cycle tracks being built when we need wider car lanes?

Anyways, returning to my long drive, we ended up at food point that was 90 kms from Nashik. We had lunch there, it was good but quite spicy. Then we set on the way home. It was a nice journey. On the way back we also came across the World War II cemetary at Kirki. Its beautiful and is maintained by the British Government.

(The Kirki War Cemetary image is on the right)